A full service marketing, strategy, design and technology partner.

ICS has experience and expertise in various design disciplines; website and CD production, graphics and print, corporate identity, logos, product, 3D imaging and packaging, with a particular emphasis on ergonomics and the user experience. Combining design with conceptual and technical skills, we work with clients to shape a customer experience or develop a product. Creative solutions fulfill a client's branding and business needs while offering compelling and involving creative.

Design is the corner stone of Internet development and has been a strategic focus of ICS from the start. The evolution of interactive technologies in recent years has brought about new standards in design. To create a successful on-line brand or message one must constantly consider the end-user experience. This makes our design approach very user-oriented. Clarity is a key element. We are able to create effective, sound, and innovative solutions that help our clients build standout brands and successful business models.

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